multi material distribution
  Fence & gate
  partition fence
  Wire rope net
  razor wire
  woven wire
  Tear plates
  Steel tear plates
  Corrugated sheet metal
Aluminium tear plates
  Patterned plates
  Mirror finished plates
  Aluminum ramps
  Oval pipes
  Reduction profiles

MUTANOX BERLIN, Fence, Razor wire, Barb wire, Wire mesh, Welded mesh, Mirror sheets, Ptterned sheets, Textured sheets, Woven mesh


Wire and grid fences
Fence & gate made of double rod gratings
Fence and gate system made of double rod gratings
Razor wire Barbed wire
Razor wire as property protection device Barbed wire – Barbed wire was designed to be a fence for pastures.
Wire rope net Spot welded wire mesh
Wire rope net as protection for historical buildings, skyscrapers and public places, trellis, etc. Spot welded wire mesh
Woven wire mesh Wire netting
Woven wire mesh for fencing Wire netting, classic

Sheet plates, perforated plates ...
Bulb plates Duo/quintet
Bulb plate, bulb plates made of stainless steel Checker plate/corrugated sheet metal made of aluminum – duo plates, quintet plates
Corrugated sheet metal Textured plates /
Patterned sheets
Corrugated sheet metal according to your measurements Textured plates – a wide variety of designs
Perforated round Perforated - square
perforated plates: plates with round and square holes	perforated plates accessory holes and plates with long holes
Mirror finished plates Pipes
Mirror finished plate, mirror finished plate for road mirrors Pipes for city furniture and banister

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multi material distribution
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