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Partition fence, partition fences, wind deflector fence, wind deflector fences

Partition fence is a must for everyone who focuses on aesthetics, durability and individuality. Partition fences are produced with our established double rod gratings.

The plastic stripes are mechanically woven into the meshes of the double rod gratings. For this the wide double rod gratings are used.




To ensure stability the partition fence is made of double rods 6/8/6.

The plastic stripes of the partition fence are stable, unbreakable, light insensitive and even graffiti is easy to wash off.
The partition fence or wind deflector can be produced in different colors. Even the plastic stripes can be woven in in different colors if requested.

Posts for the partition fence and wind deflector fence

The posts of the partition fence have the same principle as the double rod gratings. Though here the posts are dimensioned bigger according to the static needs.


The partition fence also serves as a wind deflector whereas strong wind loads can be absorbed by the fence.

The partition fence is a well thought through and established fence system from head to toe with which you will have pleasure for many, many years.


Discretion through partition fence

This fence offers a very effective protection against unwanted looks. Unaesthetic garbage spaces will not disturb your view anymore but provide a nice sight for everyone. This fence is also suitable for a bicycle parking area.


Partition fence combined as garbage space enclosure and bicycle parking area
  Matching turn sash gate with partition fill
Separation of garbage cans and bicycles through partition fencee
  Semidetached house with partition fence for separation
A partition fence offers very good storage possibilities   With a partition fence you can keep your private property safe from unwanted looks.


Matching revolving and sliding gate systems with partition fill
Revolving gates do not only serve as a protection device but also provide partition. Integrated in a partition fence system it provides a visually complete partition fence system. With the unlimited color design possibilities there is no limit to your creativity. Even gate systems can be produced with ornamental elements.


Color matching design, also on turn sash gate
  Shapely complement with partition fences
Fence system with sliding gate combined with partition   Decorative fence with gate combined with partition


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