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Textured plates and pattern rolled plates for architecture, design and technology

pattern rolled plates e.g. elevator coveringMutanox textured plates stand for aesthetic, design, elegance and timelessness. High demands for resilience and durability as well as constantly increasing maintenance costs lead more and more often to the use of pattern rolled plates.

The textured surfaces are hard to damage, cover bumps and scratches and are therefore the ideal material to put a stop to various kinds of vandalism. This mainly counts for the use of e.g. panels, columns, doors, shop construction, the gastronomy and a lot more.

Mutanox textured plate

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Strukturgewalzte Bleche z.B. Fahrstuhlverkleidungen   Strukturbleche 5wl für breites Spektrum   Edelstahl - Strukturblech mit starker Prägung   stark geprägtes Strukturblech
Wafer plate 2wl   Wafer plate 5wl   Wafer plate 6wl   Wafer plate 7gm
geschliffene Oberfläche kreismarmoriert oder Engine-Turn   Karo - Edelstahl Strukturblech aus Vorrat   Raute - Strukturblech in gängigen Abmaßen   Strukturbleche mit gewalzter Oberfläche
Cambridge   square   rhombus   lines
  Strukturbleche Design Eisblume   Strukturbleche Design Eisblume   Strukturbleche Design Eisblume
Leather   frost pattern   special   Cotto

Pattern rolled surfaces break the incident light more regularly than smooth metal surfaces. Therefore with the use of the texture rolled surfaces there are no optical uneven spots or distortions which you find quite often on representative buildings with a façade made of smooth metal.

Pattern rolled surfaces have a higher durability and decrease cleaning, maintenance and repair costs in the middle and long run. The marginally higher material costs even out in a quite short time. Pattern rolled surfaces offer a better deformability and reduce at the same time tensions which often occur with smooth plates. Additionally they have a higher stiffness whereas for processing smaller diameters can be used.

Interesting ranges of application are offered in architecture, cold storage cell construction, and also ship construction. The Mutanox surfaces are ideal for isolation and protection panels made of more components for wall and floor. The enlarged surface is ideal for gluing and offers therefore saving possibilities on material and money because thinner material can be used.

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