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Perforated plate, perforated plates

Lochblech mit QuadratlochungHere you will learn more about our perforated plates. Our range of products covers perforated plates with round holes, square holes, long holes and accessory holes.

Every hole type has its own advantages. Our material selection ranges from steel to stainless steel to aluminum to brass to copper.

The use of perforated plates is very wide spread. Perforated plates are used as construction material which stand for function, design and innovation.

It is the ideal solution for creative and technical challenging tasks. Perforated plates from Mutanox can be found in a huge number of products in almost all industries.


You will find the following products on the perforated plate pages

perforated plate with round holes

perforated plate with square holes

perforated plate with long holes

perforated plate with accessory holes


The perforated plate has proven itself in the following industries
façade covering   food industry
radiator cover   automobile industry
sifting and filter systems   light construction
ventilation system etc.    

In Berlin Mutanox is your professional partner for perforated plates produced according to your wishes; in almost all measurements, thickness, hole arrangements and materials and naturally up to the normal high quality. Perforated plates in standard formats can be looked at at our premises at any time and ordered directly and quickly.


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