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Razor wire, barbed tape wire, security services with razor wire

property protection with razor wire

Razor wire or barbed tape wire is the advancement of barbed wire. On the razor wire the folded wire pieces with sharp spikes were replaced by sharp metal blades (blade wire).

The razor wire or barbed tape wire in this form is a lot more suitable for property protection and has almost completely replaced the barbed wire.


Special offer! If you order 10 or more coils of razor wire we deliver once a pair of razor wire gloves for free for your own protection.



You will find the following products on this page:

razor wire special blade

barbed tape

razor wire dispenser

protection gloves

c-clamp for razor wire fixing


With razor wire your property is guaranteed protected from unauthorized intrusion of unauthorized people. Razor wire is the modern version of barbed wire – this very strong wire cannot be cut with normal tools.

connection clamp for razor wire coils

connection clam


The razor sharp barbed hooks of the razor wire and the small distances between the blades provide an effective protection for your property.

On the Mutanox razor wire coils the twists are fixed with so-called connection clams so that the wire receives the one-of-the-kind tube/spiral like appearance.


Mutanox razor wire “special blade”

Natodraht - Special Blade mit Federkern


Measurements can differ due deviations caused by production

With spring steel core 54-56 twists

Natodraht mit Federstahlkern  
Natodraht Rolle mit Verbindungsclip
Ø 450 mm Ø 730 mm Ø 980 mm


Outer diameter of coil in mm material design recommended length weight/coil in kg
450 mm
(suitable for fence crest)
galvanized or stainless steel 8-10 mtr 7,0 kg
730 mm
galvanized or stainless steel 10-12 mtr 10,0 kg
980 mm galvanized or stainless steel 12-15 mtr 12,5 kg


Mutanox razor wire “barbed tape”

barbed tape on spindle

Barbed tape

  The Mutanox barbed tape is wound up on one plastic spindle to 50 m each.

Razor wire without spring core

razor wire without spring steel core

Measurements can differ due deviations caused by production


Material design weight/coil packed units
galvanized 2,5 kg 6 coils = 300 meter
stainless steel 2,5 kg 6 coils = 300 meter



double rod grating excess wire with razor wire – barbed tape   fence with anti-climb-guard
Effective anti climb guard for double rod gratings   Mutanox – grid fencing with anti climb over protection


Accessories for razor wire:

Mutanox razor wire dispenser

When unwinding the razor wire barbed tape the wire is twisted by the dispenser which is especially design for this. With that an even more effective protection is obtained. Also here you should use our established protection glove.


razor wire – barbed tape with dispenser   dispenser for razor wire – barbed tape
Barbed tape with dispenser   dispenser for barbed tape


Mutanox protection gloves for razor wire, s – wire and barbed wire


Special Offer. If you order 10 or more razor wire coils we deliver once a pair of razor wire gloves for free for your own protection. SEND INQUIRY


This specially designed protection glove consists of very thick threefold calf leather and a brass inlay.


Because of the sewn in brass inlay under the first leather layer the complete palm and thumb is effectively protected.


The penetration of the razor wire or barbed wire is almost impossible because of the brass inlay and it provides a very high cut protection also for other cutting tools.


This protection glove is unavoidable for your own security for fixing s-wire and barbed wire furthermore this gloves is very durable.


razor wire – protection gloves

Razor wire protection glove


razor wire – protection glove with inlay

s-wire protection glove with brass inlay


effective protection with razor wire protection gloves

also as protection for barbed wire


c-clamp for razor wire fixing


We recommend the Mutanox c-clamp for fixing razor wire as they are produced solely for this purpose. The c-clamps are made of stainless steel and have a diameter of 3.5mm.

The ends of the razor wire c-clamps are diagonally arranged. With that the c-clamps interlock when pressed together with the special gripper.

The c-clamps guarantee to be an undoable but easy attach connection. They are suitable for universal use, e.g. fixing wire netting fences, double rod gratings and tension wires.

razor wire – easy to install

Easy fixture of razor wire


fixture of razor wire on fence

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