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Assembly instruction for MUTANOX fence systems

You have made your decision for Mutanox fence systems. If properly handled, you will have many, many years of a beautiful and effective security device for your property.

Herewith we provide you with a couple of tips if you want to assembly your fence yourself.




  First prepare holes in which the post will be imbedded in concrete. If the fence is up to 160 cm of height we recommend holes with a diameter of 25cm and a depth of 60 cm if average soil strength. If the fence is higher than 160 cm prepare holes with a diameter of 30 cm and a depth of 80 cm. The hole’s middle average distance should be 252 cm.
  Set up a cord where the fence is supposed to be. Set the cord higher than the fence so that you can use the cord to straighten the fence.
  Put the first fence element on the floor and attach the first two posts to it.
  Lift up the prepared fence part and put the posts in the prepared holes.
  Support the fence with wooden planks from the left and right side so that the fence stands by itself. The height is adjusted with wooden blocks.
  Put the next fence unit on the ground and attach one post to it.
  Lift up the fence and post and attach one side of the fence part to the fence with the straightened posts already.
  Now stabilize and correct this fence mat again with wooden planks and blocks.
  When all fence elements are set up in one line, straighten it and check alignment (check fence, cord).
  When everything is okay add concrete to the holes


We wish you a great success for assembling your new fence and hope that you will lots of fun with it.


If you have any questions or suggestions we are at your service.

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