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The automatic door opener for your garden gate

A revolving gate drive opens your gate automatically.

With an automatic revolving gate drive opening your gate system by hand belongs to the past. Stay comfortably seated in your vehicle, while your revolving gate is automatically opened by using a remote control. Our revolving gate drives will convince you because of their first class technology combined with a sturdy, durable construction.


Gate system with revolving gate drive


You will find the following gate drives on this page:

Jupiter - E

Jupiter 400


Jupiter - E

gate system with revolving gate drive



This gate drive is designed for gate systems which let light wind go trough (single or double leaf) with one leaf not exceeding 3 meters and a maximum gate weight of 100 kg.

The drive is attached to adjustable hinges which are welded or screwed on to post or gate. The door opens and closes because of a smoothly in and out going spindle.

The electro mechanic working drive unit consists of a secured spindle drive and a direct current motor with a very strong torque. The revolving gate drive is very impressive because of its shapely design and the anodized aluminum body.

A fine sensor security stop ensures safety of people, animals and objects within the radius of the gates moving parameters and let go of the obstacle immediately after touch. The drive can be activated by remote control, touch pad, code touch and key pad. If no electricity is available it is possible to open the gate manually with an emergency opening procedure.


Technical details
Type Jupiter-E Jupiter-Set-E
Drive: electro mechanic (self-locking)
Traction/shear force: ca. 2.200 N 2 x 2.200 N
Motor capacity: 42 W 2 x 42 W
Gate size: max. 3 m max. 2 x 3 m
Max. gate weight: 100 kg max. 2 x 100 kg
Moving stroke: 330 mm max. 2 x 330 mm
Opening time to 90°: ca. 20 sec. ca. 20 sec.
Weight: 4 kg 2 x 4 kg
Motor governing: electronically with safety stop and reversing
Electric supply: 230 V +- 10% 50-60 Hz 230 V +- 10% 50-60 Hz
Power-on time: 30 % 30 %
Limit stop: non-contact reed-limit stop with LED
Gentle start/outlet: standard production standard production
Active leaf function: standard production standard production
Automatic closure: standard production standard production


Jupiter 400

revolving gate drive for large gates


Toröffner Jupiter 400 - besonders stabil


For heavy gate systems resilient mechanisms are needed. Similar to the technology of linear drives, which are used in agriculture and construction machinery, the Jupiter 400 revolving gate drive offers a mechanic solution. With 18.000 N locking power, which is the self locking of the gate drive, is way above the average.

The screw on gate and post fixtures are hot-dip galvanized. The slide way of the push rod is 400m to ensure the application of the drive for also stronger posts. The shapely cap of the drive also covers the push rod made of Swedish steel and protects it from ice and snow.


Technical Details
Type: Jupiter-400 Jupiter-400-Set
Max. force: 6800 N 2 x 6800 N
Motor voltage: 12 V DC / max. 15 A 2 x 12 V DC / max. 15 A
Motor capacity: 180 W 2 x 180 W
Leaf size: max. 4 m max. 2 x 4 m
Max. gate weight: max. 400 kg max. 2 x 400 kg
Power stroke: 390 mm 2 x 390 mm
Opening time to 95° ca. 25 sec. ca. 25 sec.
Electric supply: 230 V / 50 - 60 Hz 230 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Temperature: - 20 °C to 50 °C - 20 °C to 50 °C
Gentle start/outlet: standard production standard production
Active leaf function: standard production standard production


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